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banglanatak dot com believes in synergizing cultural and economic development. Our initiative Art for Life (AFL) was started in 2004 with an aim to safeguard the dying folk art traditions by reviving traditional skills in art and craft for augmenting income options and developing cultural enterprise at grass roots. AFL has led to socio-economic development of around 10000 families of artists and crafts persons in West Bengal and Bihar. Key outcomes have been poverty alleviation, reduced migration, women empowerment and improved quality of life. The art forms are rejuvenated and the youth are now showing renewed interest and engagement in traditional arts.

In 2014 we launched our initiative MusiCal to promote music entrepreneurship in Bengal, to foster creative economy, and engage youth in development. We feel that with a little support in this sector, our young talents will find a new path to fulfill their aspirations. This website aspires to be an effective cartel for sharing information on initiatives in MusiCal.

Browse this website to learn about our efforts to safeguard folk music through documentation, musical collaborations, audiovisual documentaries and other publications related to music. We have documented the oral traditions of Bengal and Bihar. In collaboration with the Baul and Jhumur singers we have textually documented 750 Baul and Fakiri songs and 500 Jhumur songs. We have recorded songs by 1500+ traditional artists. The website also provides information on multicultural exchange and collaboration workshops and musical festivals & events organized by us.